How does CatLadyBox work?

Each month you'll receive a fabulous box with three or four different hand-selected cat-themed items delivered to your door. Choose from the basic CatLadyBox (items just for you) or the Crazy CatLadyBox (items for you, plus things for your kitty too!). The total retail value of the items will always be much more than what you pay. All plans auto-renew each month on the 6th until you cancel, which you can do at anytime before your next renewal date.

The cutoff day to order each month is at midnight EST on the 26th. If you order before the cutoff time, we'll ship you the next month's box. If you order after that date, your first box will be one after that.

If you’d like to get last month’s box, email If we have any extras, we’d be happy to help make it happen!

For example:

Order by December 26th to get the January box. We'll ship the January box at the very end of December so you get it in the beginning of January! 

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