How do I change my shirt size?

Cats and cat ladies come in all different sizes (and they're purrfect just like that)! If you need to change your shirt size for your regular subscription, you can easily do so with your CatLadyBox online account.

(If you want to change shirt size for a gift subscription, reach out to and we'll do the rest!)



Here's how to change your shirt size

1. Firstlog in to your account here (or at

 2. At the bottom of the Your Subscription(s) panel, click EDIT.


3. On the next page, you'll spot a section to update your information. The purple box is your current subscription and size (here, CRAZY CatLadyBox - XL).



Choose a new subscription and size by clicking the corresponding box (here, CRAZY CatLadyBox - 2XL).


4. IMPURRTANT: Save your changes! Be sure to scroll all the way down and click CHANGE at the bottom right.






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