How do I change my shirt size?

You can easily change your shirt size for future boxes in your Account section at any time! 


To change shirt size for regular subscriptions:

Log in to your account here and click "Edit" under the active subscription you'd like to update. 

You'll see a place where you can now select your box type, shirt size, and subscription term. You have to have each of these selected in order for it to let you save your change.

(You don't have to change the others, but just make sure you keep them selected as what they were before. If you want to change them, though, you can!)

Click Change, review your changes on the next screen, and then click Confirm.

All done!


To change shirt size for gift subscriptions:

If your gift subscription is for more than one box and you want to change the shirt size for future boxes, you won't see these options in your account. Please email us at and we'll be happy to help change it for you! 



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