Giving Tuesday 2019 FAQ


For Giving Tuesday 2019, CatLadyBox is donating 100% of profits from new subscription transactions made on 12/3/19! Start any new subscription between 12:01am EST and 11:59pm EST on 12/3/19 and we'll donate the profit of that transaction to cat rescue!

Purrlease see below for answers to questions you might have. 


How do I subscribe so my purchase counts toward the donation?
Start any new regular or gift subscription on 12/3/19 and your subscription purchase will automatically count toward the donation! You can subscribe for yourself here or give a gift here.

Do I need a coupon code today?
Nope! We will donate the profit from EVERY SINGLE new subscription transaction on Giving Tuesday. Nothing extra you need to do. Just subscribe!

But CAN I use a coupon code today?
Yes, you can use coupons today if you have one, but that discount will come off the donation since it takes away part of our profit. So you do save the money, but the kitties don't get it. 

Don't you donate all the time?
Yes! Thanks to the support of our wonderful subscribers and customers, we have been able to donate more than $49,500 in cash and products to over 50 different rescues and organizations so far in 2019 alone. We make weekly donations with our CatLadyBox Cares program as well as have other campaigns throughout the year for special causes. This Giving Tuesday is an extra campaign on top of our regular donations. 

Who are you giving the Giving Tuesday donation to?
For this donation, we will be donating to our favorite local rescue in Florida, Good Karma Pet Rescue. They are raising funds to save cats from the streets and kill shelters in the South and transport them to less-overcrowded rescue partners in the Northeast where they have a better chance to be adopted, to bring homeless animals over from the Bahamas and help rescue groups there with mobile clinics and more, to save dogs from meat trucks in China and bring them here to be adopted... and they have more than 300 foster cats and kittens currently in their care right now too! They like to say they are a little rescue doing big things, and we are proud to help them help more cats.

When will you make the donation?
We will send the donation directly to Good Karma Pet Rescue by December 15th, 2019.

Do gifts count for donations?
Yes. Gift subscriptions will also be counted for our Giving Tuesday donation. You can purrchase a gift for someone else and we'll donate the profit from that transaction today, too! Holiday shopping and doing good at the same time... purrfect!

When will I get more first box?
Subscriptions started by December 5th will get the December holiday box as your first box. It will ship within a few business days of your order so you'll get it super soon.

I already subscribed. Can you count my previous purchase?
Unfortunately, no. This is only for subscriptions started today. But if you want to donate, we encourage you to make a donation directly to your favorite rescue! They can all use all the help they can get and they will appreciate it!

Only subscriptions count for the donation?
Yes. Only subscriptions count toward this donation. Individual items are not part of this campaign, but we'd love for you to make additional purrrrchases, of course! :) 

Any other questions?
Email us at and we'll be happy to lend a paw.

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