Kitty Cat Wireless Charging Pad

We wanted to put together some frequently asked questions about our wireless charger.

Our charging pad is compatible with "Qi charging enabled devices". Most newer phones that are able to charge wirelessly should work. :) 

The Power Port is not aligned. My power cord can't connect.
If your port is not aligned with the white Kitty frame, or your power cord is not making a good connection. Please try to realign the charging port with the cat frame. The frame on your charger will pop off with slight force. You need to push the cat frame up, so the charging plate comes out from the back. 

How to use our wireless charger.
1. Use the supplied power cord and plug it into a USB charger. Once plugged and ready your charger should glow green.

2. The Charger light will go out if not used within 10-15 seconds. It is still on but the light will not show until a connected device is placed on it.

When a device is placed on the charger, it will glow blue, and your device should begin to charge. Your device needs to be placed on the center of the charger or it will not be able to connect. Try repositioning your device and all paws crossed this does the trick.

If your charger is still not working, please let us know at so we can lend a paw.

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