What comes in a CatLadyBox?

We have two options: the basic CatLadyBox (which has 3-4 meowvalous items for YOU) or the Crazy CatLadyBox (which has 3-4 items for you, PLUS 2 surprises for your kitties, too!).

Each month, our team scours the web, art galleries, boutique shops, craft festivals, independent artist sites and more for cat-themed items you won't find anywhere else.

Every single box also includes exclusive designs and limited-edition items you can't find anywhere else!

To see some examples of what we've included in past boxes, feel free to check out subscriber photos by searching the #catladybox hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more!

You can also see lots of pictures on the CatLadyBox Facebook page.

You can also check out our Shop Past Boxes section to see some of the things we've previously featured that we have leftovers for sale!

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