How much is CatLadyBox?

We have two "levels" of boxes you can subscribe to!

The regular CatLadyBox starts at $41.99 and comes with 3-4 ameowzing items for you -- they could be shirts, accessories, home decor, and more! It'll vary each month and the value will always be much more than what you paid. This regular CatLadyBox does NOT include cat toys.

The "Crazy" CatLadyBox comes with those same 3-4 ameowzing items for you, plus two purremium toys for your cats, too! We can't leave them out, can we? :) This one starts at $47.99/month and is the most popurrlar option.

With all of them, you have the option to sign up month-to-month or with a 3-month or 6-month plan where you prepay for that many boxes at a time. The more pay for ahead of time, the cheaper per box! The regular CatLadyBox can go as low as $35.99/month and the CRAZY CatLadyBox can be as low as $39.99/month.

When you subscribe, we ask for your shirt size so that we can send you the purrfect fitting wearable item each month! We currently offer sizes XS - 5XL, and subscription prices vary by size because on cost of materials. (For example, 2XL is $2 more per box and 3XL is $3 more per box, etc.)

For more pricing info and to subscribe, visit our subscribe page right meow!

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